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Collaboration / Future Tapered Insulation Projects


I would like to take this opportunity to offer you the Firestone Design Assistance Program. The following points describe the benefits of this collaboration.

Design Professionals

  • FREE professional consulting service for general design assistance.
  • Presents a variety of tapered insulation layout choices from a range of different designs (i.e. 2-way slope, 4-way slope, and modified 4-way slope) during the pre-bid stage.
  • Now that the best tapered design for your project has been chosen, modifications of the bid document will be substantially reduced. In order to ensure that this design is bid, the specifications will be written with similar statement "no design substitutions will be accepted".
  • The bids you receive will more consistently reflect the bid documents.


  • Firestone and it's competitors will all bid on the same tapered design and specification.
  • Firestone ISO 95+ and Tapered ISO 95+ will be included in the specifications along with the roof membrane.

Building Owner

  • The tapered design chosen properly drains the roof and all design problems have been considered.

To receive documentation for the procedures involved with initiating this service, .


Should you have any comments or suggestions,
please contact me at 952-851-3045 or e-mail @